House painting like a pro: Some tips and tricks to get you started

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Published on: June 25, 2013

painting Vancouver WAPainting a house is generally simple if you know what to do. And even when you can’t make heads or tails of paints and brushes, there are painting Vancouver WA services you can take advantage of, like what LaFord Painting is offering. Still, many choose to do painting projects on their own. Some do it for the satisfaction of completing a DIY project. Some do it to help save on costs. Some also take on painting on their own just for the sake of giving it a shot. Whatever reasons you might have for considering doing your own house painting Vancouver WA project, it would definitely help you out if you took the time to prepare for the task at hand.

What to do

While there are different kinds of painting Vancouver WA techniques, there are principles that apply across the board regardless of the technique you choose. By taking these principles to heart, you can achieve painting your house like you hired a painter Vancouver WA. These include:

  • Cleaning your wall. Paint sticks best to walls that have been prepped. This means surfaces must be clean and smooth as much as possible. If you’re repainting, it would be a good idea to scrape off the old paint and give your wall a quick wash with a sponge to get rid of any residue. If your old wall has gloss, consider sanding off the finish to allow new paint to adhere better to the wall. If your wall has cracks and other imperfections, a painting Vancouver WA contractor will spend a round with a patching compound followed by some sanding and priming so you should too. Don’t forget to make sure that the patching compound has completely dried before doing any sanding!
  • Using a primer before the paint. Aside from providing a good surface to paint on, primers also bring out the true colors of paints so you can achieve the effect that you’re really going for. If there’s anything a Vancouver painting contractor will strictly follow, it’s this.
  • Sticking to a gallon at a time. To ensure you don’t end up buying too much paint, stick to using a gallon of paint at a time. However, running out of paint is also an inconvenience so you can take measures to approximate how much paint you will need by keeping in mind that painting contractors will usually need a gallon of paint for every 400 square feet of surface you have. If your walls are textured or you didn’t use a primer, you will require more.
  • Painting on dry days. If there’s moisture in the air, paints won’t dry properly. Not to mention that they’ll dry more slowly, throwing off your schedule if you’re following one. As such, it’s best to put off painting in Vancouver if you’re looking at humid weather. Take it from the experts—an ideal day for painting contractors Vancouver WA is one where the sun is out and the winds are blowing nicely.
  • Choosing the right paint and brush. If you’re painting a high-traffic area, for instance, opting for semi-gloss paint is the way to go. Painting Vancouver WA contractors use this kind of paint because it is durable enough to withstand constant contact while at the same time easy enough to clean thanks to the kind of finish it has. As for brushes, choose what will make the painting job easier, which includes taking into consideration the kind of paint you are using. For example, a contractor will use rollers on walls instead of brushes because these cover more areas easily, most especially when latex paint is being used.
  • Avoiding accidents in painting areas. It’s convenient to deal with painting walls because you do not have to worry too much about getting paint on areas where you shouldn’t. Lay out some newspapers or a drop cloth on the floor and you will be fine. It is a different matter altogether though when you encounter fixtures. To keep paint off doorknobs, for example, you can use small sandwich bags. Just slip the doorknob into the plastic and seal the open end with tape to keep paint out. As for outlets and light switches, taping them off should take care of the problem, while removing wall plates should work as well to make it look like you had a professional do your painting for you.

What not to do

When painting a house, it is very important to know what to do so you can accomplish your task quickly with great results. On the other hand, it is just as important to know what not to do so you can avoid the many mistakes that can impede your work. Avoid the following and you should finish painting your house like you had help from a painting contractor Vancouver WA:

  • Scrimping on tape. More than just covering outlets and light switches, tape also allows you to create perfectly straight lines around doorframes, windowsills, and woodwork. It’s not unheard of for a painting Vancouver WA contractor to employ someone with steady hands but you can never go wrong with using lots of tape where needed.
  • Assuming that walls are clean. Even when a wall looks clean, at the very least it still has a film of dust on it. Dirt will affect the color of your paint so you might not achieve the shade you were expecting, plus sediments might give your wall a texture you never wanted. If you’re not dealing with peeling paint, you can easily clean a wall like a painting Vancouver WA contractor by giving it a wipe-down with a wet sponge from top to bottom.
  • Being impatient. Paint needs to dry completely before you can give a wall another coat. You risk having paint bubbles when a surface does not dry properly so wait. The same goes if you used patching compound to smooth away imperfections. Being impatient increases the likelihood of a botched painting job so you’re going to want to avoid it.

Pool Service Corona Ca And A Very Unique Chemical Balance

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Published on: June 12, 2013

Pool Service Corona CaMany swimming pool owners today struggle to get their swimming pool chemical balance right. Most of these people are not certified chemist and do not have the experience to maintain the balance of chemicals within a swimming pool sized body of water which is on average twenty thousand to thirty thousand gallons of water. Even if a person is successful in maintaining clear water with no visible algae they might not be aware of the underlying issues that are soon to cause damage to the swimming pool equipment and plaster.

Each and every body of water has very unique characteristics that are created by the treatment it has been given. There are many techniques and methods used by technicians to maintain these bodies of water. The methods that Pool Service Corona Ca have are usually created through experience and are based on professional feedback to the community of certified swimming pool service technicians.

The short term goals for maintaining a pool are preventing algae growth by over chlorination, filtration of the water to remove the debris and lowering the alkalinity that is added to the water when liquid chlorine is used to kill the bacteria. If these three things are maintained regularly and correctly the water chemistry will never become unbalanced and you will never need to learn anything else. Almost all swimming pool service Corona Ca owners are doing wrong is that they ignore the alkalinity level. They never test the pH and even if they did they do not know about acid demand testing. Knowing about these two things would prevent most problems that a swimming pool can have. In most cases when a pH test reveals an eight or higher in the summer time the total alkalinity could be far beyond two hundred parts per billion. High alkalinity blocks chlorine from getting to the bacteria within the water. If the amount of alkalinity is high enough it can prevent the chlorine from reacting at all.

When this happens the swimming pool owner can get super chlorination test levels which is confusing to the uneducated chemist. Over time there are plenty of things to take a look at when it comes to swimming pool water chemistry and the effects it has on the plaster and equipment. If the total alkalinity was too high you would notice white flakes at the bottom of the spa floor. This is due to the build up on the insides of the plumbing and water heater core. If the swimming pool water never receives acid the water heater core can become congested.

This congestion can damage the heater as pressure builds and eventually the core will burst at the seams. I have found that this is the most common scenario with pool service Corona Ca. If more swimming pool owners could take a tip from this article and do a little more research on the basic principles I am sure they would enjoy their swimming pool much more. When they maintain their water chemistry with the three basics above they will no longer have algae and they can rest knowing that they are extending the life of their equipment and saving money too.

If you’re interested in learning more we suggest you visit and give them a call for a wealth of info on maintaining your pool.

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