Property Management SEO 101

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Published on: May 4, 2015

There are three main factors when it comes to SEO for property management companies; Crawlability, content, and credibility. These elements contribute to your company’s ranking in search engines.   Crawlability is important for the simple fact that it makes your property management company’s website more accessible to the search engine spiders. Having content makes your website valuable and making sure that the information is credible makes it relevant for those that visit your site.Property Management SEO

While a high ranking is important, it is not the ultimate goal of online property management marketing or Property Management SEO. In fact, the more significant piece of SEO is how to turn them into conversions. This does not necessarily have to translate into sales. It can be anything you want it to be from someone filling in a contact us form to viewing your available listings. However, it is imperative to remember that your SEO conversions should be something that shows people engaging with your company in a way that usually leads to increased revenue generation or client acquisition. So what exactly are the three main C’s or elements of SEO?


A property management company website that has good Crawlability means that it is easily found by search engine spiders. These spiders or bots can only conduct simple tasks such as crawling text and following links. An issue comes in when these spiders encounter too many roadblocks such as broken links. In the event that they hit these roadblocks they will likely abandon your website. This means it will hinder your ranking and can also contribute to poor user experiences. Here are some tips to increase your site’s crawlability:

  • Avoid broken links
  • Keep content in text form as much as possible
  • Have keyword rich URLs, titles, meta descriptions, etc.
  • Have descriptive image alt-tags so they can easily understand your site’s images


One of the most effective ways for improving SEO ranking is to have lots of valuable content. Having compelling content can influence site traffic dramatically. By providing relevant content regularly means that you will have more content that can be indexed by search engines. Additionally, if you provide compelling content it is likely that it will be re-shared.SEO for Property Management

Create content for target audiences and not just purely for the search engines. Make sure that the content you generate shows that you are the authority on property management and that owners should value your opinion. Be careful not to appear to be trying to over-optimize your content as some search engines have been cracking down on businesses who appear to be trying to “game the system” with SEO.


Finally, make sure that your website has some external links that point to your site. These external links from credible websites tell search engines that other organizations see your content as valuable. This can lead to better rankings and therefore higher traffic to your property management website. Attaining these links can be difficult, but refrain from purchasing any as you may be penalized by the search engine. Instead, go about it organically and out of the goodwill of the linking website.

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