Columbia MD Property Management and Tips for No Smoking Policies

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Published on: April 2, 2015

Are you a Columbia, MD Property Management company or Landlord with loads concerns and questions regarding tenants smoking in your building or home? If so, you are not alone. Whether you own a duplex, manage a building, condominium complex, or a property management firm with apartment buildings in numerous states, second hand smoke is an issue you are probably confronting now or need to address in the near future.

We are sure that on occasions tenants have bothered you with health conditions complaining of other tenants, smoking around buildings with their second-hand tobacco smoke drifting into the air or their unit as the air-conditioning is centralized and moves through vents to other apartments. In response, many Landlords and Property Management companies are choosing to adopt non-smoking policies for their building and homes to protect both the financial health of owners and tenants.

Advantages of adopting a no-smoking policy

As Property Management Companies in Columbia MD , you can benefit from adopting a no-smoking policy for your home or apartment buildings help with the following:

  • It helps to reduce the dangers of fires caused by lit cigarettes
  • Maintenance costs are lower as it reduces carpet cleaning, painting and other repair expenses
  • You will receive fewer complaints from tenants in your building regarding smoke odors
  • Most people today want to live in a smoke-free building as many have stopped smoking

Is a no-smoking policy legal?

smoke freeWhen it comes to certain behaviors regarding property in preserving its value and protecting tenant, property owners have the right to implement certain rules. The United States Department of Housing and the District of Columbia have the authority to enact smoke-free housing laws into their leases.

Taking on a no-smoking policy

If you are a property management Columbia, Maryland company or Landlord and have not yet taken on the no-smoking policy and planning to implement it there are certain rules that you need to take into consideration by following some easy tips:


  • Make a timetable for the change to the new no-smoking policy
  • Notify existing renters of the plan and timetable regarding the new policy
  • Notify prospective renters about the no-smoking policy being implemented
  • Grant the new policy in leases or agreements that are done on a month-to-month basis
  • At apartment buildings post No Smoking signs for all to see
  • Develop procedures to follow if these no-smoking policies are complained about or violated

Does a fractional procedure work?

4When it comes to apartment interconnections, they are difficult to diffuse or seal. You cannot completely modify air sealing and ventilation to eliminate or transfer smoke between apartments. Closing of large openings and upgrading to constant ventilation that provides stability between units can produce progress in reducing smoke transfer in some circumstances

Implementing a model policy

Property Management in Columbia, MD or Landlords can provide the following information in their new updated leases to help them to implement the new no-smoking policy:

Fundamental policy language: Due to the known health effects of secondhand tobacco smoke and increased risk of fire, smoking is illicit in any area of the property, both common and private, whether outdoors or enclosed. The procedure applies to all guests, service persons, owners, and tenants.

Smoking: The phrase smoking means exhaling, burning, inhaling, cigarette, carrying any lighted cigar or any other tobacco product in any form or manner.

Acknowledgement of Tenant: I hereby accept the above smoking policy as part of the month-to-month agreement or lease. I consent that I will not smoke near areas on the property listed below. Additionally, I will be accountable for implementing this policy with all my guests, visitors, and family who visit the property. If I fail to abide by this procedure, I agree to move within 30 days.

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