Pool Service Corona Ca And A Very Unique Chemical Balance

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Published on: June 12, 2013

Pool Service Corona CaMany swimming pool owners today struggle to get their swimming pool chemical balance right. Most of these people are not certified chemist and do not have the experience to maintain the balance of chemicals within a swimming pool sized body of water which is on average twenty thousand to thirty thousand gallons of water. Even if a person is successful in maintaining clear water with no visible algae they might not be aware of the underlying issues that are soon to cause damage to the swimming pool equipment and plaster.

Each and every body of water has very unique characteristics that are created by the treatment it has been given. There are many techniques and methods used by technicians to maintain these bodies of water. The methods that Pool Service Corona Ca have are usually created through experience and are based on professional feedback to the community of certified swimming pool service technicians.

The short term goals for maintaining a pool are preventing algae growth by over chlorination, filtration of the water to remove the debris and lowering the alkalinity that is added to the water when liquid chlorine is used to kill the bacteria. If these three things are maintained regularly and correctly the water chemistry will never become unbalanced and you will never need to learn anything else. Almost all swimming pool service Corona Ca owners are doing wrong is that they ignore the alkalinity level. They never test the pH and even if they did they do not know about acid demand testing. Knowing about these two things would prevent most problems that a swimming pool can have. In most cases when a pH test reveals an eight or higher in the summer time the total alkalinity could be far beyond two hundred parts per billion. High alkalinity blocks chlorine from getting to the bacteria within the water. If the amount of alkalinity is high enough it can prevent the chlorine from reacting at all.

When this happens the swimming pool owner can get super chlorination test levels which is confusing to the uneducated chemist. Over time there are plenty of things to take a look at when it comes to swimming pool water chemistry and the effects it has on the plaster and equipment. If the total alkalinity was too high you would notice white flakes at the bottom of the spa floor. This is due to the build up on the insides of the plumbing and water heater core. If the swimming pool water never receives acid the water heater core can become congested.

This congestion can damage the heater as pressure builds and eventually the core will burst at the seams. I have found that this is the most common scenario with pool service Corona Ca. If more swimming pool owners could take a tip from this article and do a little more research on the basic principles I am sure they would enjoy their swimming pool much more. When they maintain their water chemistry with the three basics above they will no longer have algae and they can rest knowing that they are extending the life of their equipment and saving money too.

If you’re interested in learning more we suggest you visit poolservicecoronaca.net and give them a call for a wealth of info on maintaining your pool.

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