Common Pricey Mistakes to Avoid for Your Long Beach Property Management Website

Today, each one of us knows the importance of having an online presence. To be successful in any business venture or industry, a website is mandatory. Similarly for Long Beach property management companies, it is best to setup a website that can help increase their clientele. Though a lot of management companies nowadays are already online, these professionals do commit mistakes that can cost them heavily. Let’s discuss a few common mistakes that you must avoid when setting up your website.


1)      Un-Attractive Design

The first thing that any visitors notice on visiting your site is its design. A research has shown that web visitors just take a few seconds to make up their mind on whether they should stay on the site or not. A boring, dull and stale website will never be able to hold on the attention of visitors. You will risk losing out on amazing projects even before getting a chance to prove. Therefore web design should be appealing and attention grabbing. It should be able to pull people in. The sole objective is to make them stick to your website and get them interested in your services.

2)      Not Updating Website Frequently

Even when you have setup your website, it will not get enough traffic if it is not current. Your website might be functional and very appealing, but it won’t draw enough traffic if it is not updated on a regular basis. So the purpose of having a website fails. So you must update content regularly. The content should be fresh, and it should help attract web traffic. It should never happen that a visitor comes on your site and finds an update that’s dated year old.

3)      Not Optimized for Mobiles

These days each and every person uses a smartphone or a tablet for browsing. It is important for your website to be optimized for a mobile. A mobile website makes things easier for all. It is an interactive means of viewing a website. So if you own a property management Long Beach business, it is best to have your website optimized for mobile. Now if you don’t know how to optimize website for your mobile, you can get in touch with a good web developer.

4)      Poor Functionality

Time is money. If you have setup a website which is not easy to browse through, your purpose of having one fails. If your visitors are coming on your website and spending minutes in searching for address or means to contact you, they’ll get irritated. Pages cluttered with gibberish material are a big No-No. If stuff is properly organized on your website, it is sure to drive in the traffic. Just make sure that your site has good functionality. It shouldn’t be stuffed with too many images, videos, and graphics as that can increase the loading time of your site. Visitors would never be interested in waiting for your site to upload if it takes time. They’ll give up and look for other site.

5)      Lacks Features Related to Your Industry

Your purpose behind setting up a Long Beach property management website is to make it easy for your audience to connect to you and ultimately do business with you. Once your customers come on your site, they’ll look for features that can help them find your address, ability to make payments, and alike. Without such features, your website is not going to get you much business.

6)      Missing/No Social Media Links

Social media plays an important role in getting you connected with your potential clients. If you don’t provide link to your social media channels, then you are missing out on a huge demographics that would be interested in doing business with your firm. You can add social media buttons in your site. In a similar way, blog posts and articles should have social buttons as well to enhance sharing of content.


If you have been making these mistakes, stop or make changes right now. The more changes you’ll make to your site, the better it will perform.

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