Who Performs the Maintenance on Your Rental Property?

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Published on: February 24, 2015

As a rental property owner, you always need to be ready to do maintenance as circumstances arise. With that said, the question is who is in fact taking care of those repairs on your rental property?

Most Proprietors thinks that having a home warranty is a great asset and by paying a couple of dollars all their repairs and maintenance are taken care of and covered by the warranty. Over a long term, the belief is that they will save money and thus makes the decision of having a home warranty a great deal.Property Management in Baltimore County

Are home warranties worth the paper written on?

As a Property Management In Baltimore County with years of experience, we know that warranty companies are just intermediaries. For one, they do not do their own work; consequently, they cannot control the result.

Most home warranty companies hire outside vendors to complete repair work for the least amount of money. These contractors do not receive an evaluation, as they do not belong with the home warranties, employment list, thus completing sub-par work making them unreliable and providing not such a great customer service.

We have spent many hours with tenants as these contractors do not show up, do not repair what they actually must repair the first time, and seldom answer their phones.

As a Property Management Baltimore County, Maryland company, we do not like seeing our renters unhappy. This result in an infringement of the lease as having non-working appliances, that is in need of repairs results in unhappy tenants withholding rent and spreading rumors to friends and family via social media channels that proprietors and we are unresponsive.

These situations are not good, and avoidance is better!

Outside Contractors do not have Proof of Insurance and Li-censure

First, the most Baltimore County Property Management companies do not have proof that these contractors are insured or licensed. They do not know them, and they have access to current occupant’s properties and apartments. This makes things awkward as most property managers want to know who is maintaining the properties and be sure that they are unsurpassed in their field.Baltimore County Property Management

What Do We Propose Instead for Maintenance of Your Rental Property?

First, it would not be warranty programs! As an alternative, we propose that you make use of a specialized property management company such as Real Property Management Metro Baltimore.

With many years of property management experience, we have built excellent relationships with skilled vendors in all fields. No matter what service is required, we know whom to use. All our contractors are licensed, insured, examined, and trustworthy. Yes, their services are payable by you, however, your occupant is kept happy as all complaints have been responded to. Your renter would most likely stay longer and be more contented as you are a more cooperative Landlord.

We believe that in the end, you will save money by, not obtaining a warranty, as happy tenants are renters that pay their rent and know this from experience.

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